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Canada BTB Welcomes OPP Chapter

Welcome OPP BTB

Canada Beyond The Blue is thrilled to welcome OPP BTB into our national organization under the leadership of Jacqueline Sbeyti, Melissa Heikamp and Mandie-Leigh Warriner.

We want to thank OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique and the Ontario Provincial Police Association for their ongoing support along with everyone who has supported this initiative.

If you are the spouse, partner or family member of an OPP officer please take a moment and visit to find out more and join this BTB Chapter.

OPP BTB is a peer-led organization that will provide training, tools, education and resources to help OPP families thrive.

About Canada Beyond The Blue

Canada Beyond The Blue is a peer-led, non-profit organization dedicated to serving spouses & families of police officers in Canada. We strive to promote an awareness of our officer's worth as well as an understanding of the joys and struggles that are uniquely experienced in a life in law enforcement.

Spouses and children of law enforcement officers face a unique set of circumstances that lends itself to the need for emotional support, better awareness, training and tools to enable police families to thrive with their roles as a support system for their police officer. The law enforcement community is plagued with issues that have a far reaching impact on families including but not limited to mental health issues, high rates of divorce, substance abuse, suicide and more.

Each Beyond The Blue Chapter is tasked with coordinating resources, education, training and fostering a community of support that will give police families the tools they need to thrive, not jut survive. Canada Beyond The Blue currently has chapters in Calgary, York, Toronto, Vancouver, Durham, Peel and now OPP with plans of expanding to other cities.


For more information please contact:

Savannah Magnussen-Afonso

President, Canada Beyond The Blue

Social Media: @CanadaBTB

Jacqueline Sbeyti

President, OPP Beyond The Blue

Facebook: @OPPBTB

Twitter: @OPP_BTB

Instagram: @OPP_BTB