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Stronger Together | Police Family Support

"I am a former first responder and a spouse to a LEO and it hasn’t always been an easy culture to navigate and find that balance between “work life” and “home life”. When I discovered Beyond the Blue I felt a sense of connection with a network of individuals and families who can appreciate the challenges but also celebrate the successes. BTB has created a safe place for families to grow, learn, and celebrate the uniqueness of being a law enforcement family that is vital to the resiliency of the family unit. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to supporting the “Blue” families."

- Shanda Harper, Calgary BTB Member


"Do you know how long I have wished there was more support for TPS families?! It's a daily struggle being the spouse of an officer without anyone that really understands how it feels. I am so thankful this exists now!" - Lisa Clarke, Toronto BTB Member


"Having BTB provides me a sense of support and community. At any level of involvement, you can feel secure in knowing you have a group that’s got your back with the same vision and passion for caring that you do. From being a resource to providing support - you know you’re not alone if you’ve got Beyond the Blue in your corner." - Jane McDonald, Calgary BTB Member


"One of the things I’ve learned since Hubs became an officer is that your success in this ‘police-wife-life’ world really draws from the kind of community you spend time in. Your circle. Your tribe. Your blue-line fam. I know I’m only a few years in, but I think that’s why I feel so strongly about fostering a community for other people like us. (Not so) recently I joined a ‘police-wives group’on social media, and while anecdotal & a bit helpful, it still seemed so far away. Not to mention, most of the members are American and don’t always have the same things going on, or policies to talk about.

I started to feel even more disconnected from my new group of peers. Enter Hubs, again, somehow sending me an IG post I didn’t know I needed. It was from this page called @canadabtb !

Finally, a Canadian page to follow! Not only do they have content about the life we lead, they offer local chapters to further support police officers and their families in areas that some organizations might be limited. Which means getting together in person and actually meeting people! People who deal with what we deal with. With what I struggle with, and what I love about this life. I’m so excited to learn more so I can be part of something bigger that means so much to me, and so many others."

- Friend of @CanadaBTB

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