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Our Programs

We are proud to offer a variety of resources to our members, services and associations. All of our programming is rooted in lived experience, academia and empirical evidence. We pride ourselves on our approach to deliver trauma-informed and solution focused programming that resonates with our membership at any stage of life, career or retirement. 

Workplace Wellbeing:

This interactive workshop is designed to provide a general understanding of stress and coping through discussion and case studies. Participants will explore topics that are impacting police member mental health including stereotypes, moral injury, barriers, shift in perspectives, and circle of control. Participants will leave with a stronger understanding and confidence on how to "notice, listen, and connect" with their membership and have immediate tools and resources. (2-3 hours)

Communication Retreat

This couples’ workshop is designed around seven conversations based on

the best-selling book Hold Me Tight, all of which have been shown to be essential to successful relations. You will learn how to understand and improve your relationship through presentations by the workshop leaders, private exercises and conversations with your partner, and by watching video demonstrations of other couples. (3-4 days)

Pulse Program

The pulse program is run by first responder spouses who guide police family members through interactive and discussion based activities. The goal is to bring awareness about the signs and symptoms of various OSIs that can come with being a police member and discuss the strategies available to family members to help them cope with their loved ones. (2 days)

Trauma Informed Leadership:

This interactive workshop is designed to provide leaders with a better understanding of the needs of their membership with regards to workplace injuries and pathways to return to work. Participants discuss the various stakeholders involved and discuss the barriers and opportunities during a critical transitional period and how to balance policy and procedure using a trauma informed approach. (3-4 hours)

Family Call & Connect

Please drop in virtually and connect with police families who are feeling the same anxiety and worry. We are here to support each other and listen.  Grab a tea, get comfortable and let's talk. This peer support allows for families to network and understand that there are resources and support for them so that they can thrive as part of a police family. (1 hour)

What Our Clients Say

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Chris & Dorann.png

Doranne and Chris, TPS Couple

“The work that BTB does is like nothing I have seen before, without them, I dread to think what would happen to the lives of so many people who are in crisis with no-one to turn to.."
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